February 10 - April 3, 2016

This is a joint exhibition project with "The Art Museum of St. Petersburg XX-XXI centuries." The idea of the exhibition is the life of sculptures and design objects in the space of a modern interior. The exhibition brings together the works of more than 35 authors from Russian cities: Tobolsk, Sevastopol, Vologda, Moscow, Perm, St. Petersburg. read more

15 May - 15 October, 2015

The annual exhibition project "Sculpture Gallery in the Botanical Garden" this year introduced two separate exhibitions devoted to contemporary sculpture park and Land-Art. Land-art exhibition - a combination of art-objects and sculptures, inscribed into landscape. In the other part of the garden exhibition of contemporary sculpture park. The exhibition presents 64 artworks, 15 of them are land-art objects. Sculptures at the exhibition are for sell, or you can order something special. read more

17 June - 31 October, 2014

First time in 300 years the Botanical Garden is presented as a universal world of science and art. Place where visitors can find inspiration of the harmony of nature and the beauty of the artworks. Visit an exhibition of contemporary park sculpture by walking in the garden! read more

23 October - 24 November

Today we present the work of Andrei Vladimirovich Semchenko. This is a series of miniatures "Nasteniana." Thread, mammoth tusk already bring a sense of time in the work. "Nasteniana" a hymn to the modern Willendorf Venus, where beauty and femininity coincide with the symbols of power and maternal health. read more

5 July - 30 October

Eugene Duhovniy exhibition "Stone's Soul", city and park sculpture. Eugeny's works are spiritual and metaphorical , but is particularly striking is how he handles such a hard material such as granite , quartzite , marble - in the hands of masters, it becomes soft and almost liquid. read more

9 April - 30 June

Wooden sculpture exhibition "Dynasty." This is the personal project of Aidar Ishemgulov, young and already famous for his work of the sculptor and painter in the stily of naive. read more

January, 28th - March, 20th

"Sculpture and Interior Design" exhibitions are our traditional annual projects along with the exhibitions of landscape and park (exterior) sculpture. These projects were designed for introduction of new works, ideas and forms in this area to people. Design itself and the role of modern sculpture and plastics in it have become our annual exhibition dissuasion. Interior designers, decorative and applied arts artists, ceramic and textile artists were asked for collaboration. read more

September, 1st December, 31st

Sculpture Gallery invites us to the personal exhibition of Vitaly Novikov (Vargachev), an extremely talented sculptor-animalist. read more

May, 21 July, 21

Park sculpture. A new exhibition area is located in the garden of Graffiti hostel at102, Moyka quay (Naberezhnaya reki Moyki). read more

May, 10. 2010 July, 30. 2010

Wooden Sculpture exhibition is dedicated to one of the most ancient materials; it can be perfectly used for landscape sculptures and for interior ones. read more

February, 4. 2010 April, 30. 2010

A new exhibition in Sculpture Gallery is dedicated to interior sculpture works not for exhibition halls, but for chamber individual private interiors. There are works which symbolize such important things like comfort, delicacy and style... read more

October 8th , 2009 Yanuary 20th, 2010

Welcome to a metaphor exhibition. These are our recollections of childhood; our sentiments which don't let us get rid of old things; these are warmth and comfort we feel thinking of home. You will see sculptural empression of word pictires in installations by Marina Spivac and Alexander Posin, famous sculptors from St Petersburg, and montages by Oleg Zhogin, which create almost tangible sensations... read more

July September 2009

We dedicate this exhibition to a woman. It is not a specific character of a mother, a daughter, a lover, but it is a symbol, a hieroglyph. Thoughts of a woman (but not meditation!) are always elusive, intangible, they are like fuff or the scent of flowers... Each artist catches his own symbol, his own line or a colour read more

April June 2009

It is not an experiment of composition decision in landscape by interior approach! And it is not interior design by exterior (landscape) sculpture! This is a feeling you get after visiting our exhibition! read more

December 2008 15 March 2009

The first exhibition which we can call Space Exploration was surprisingly successful. We did not expect such success. Perhaps people turn to beauty and no one was indifferent. read more

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