Belaya Agata


 Agatha Belaya was born in 1975, in St.Petersburg. It might have been the beauty of this most European Russian city that nourished her artistic nature and helped her to choose her way. Though not artists themselves, Agatha's parents showed an interest in the arts and fully supported her desire to become a painter.

In 1995, Belaya entered the most renowned art school in Russia - the St. Petersburg Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture named after Ilya E. Repin. As a student, she worked in the Monumental Art studio, run by a famous painter Mylnikov.

In 1999 a fifth-year student Agatha Belaya was chosen to join the group of artists to paint murals in the newly restored Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, the cathedral of great symbolic importance for the Russian Orthodox Church and for the whole post-communist Russia. Later Agatha also painted murals for the Znamensky Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in Kursk, Russia. Agatha believes that painting murals in those cathedrals contributed a lot not only to her artistic, but personal coming-to-be.

Upon graduation in 2001 as the top student, Agatha Belaya was awarded a presidential fellowship and an honorary recognition from the Russian Union of Artists. She received an individual art studio as a three-year special grant to acknowledge her academic and artistic achievements. Since 2001, Agatha Belaya has participated in numerous art exhibitions and festivals, both in Russia and abroad, including the USA.

In August 2005, with her painting "The Morning", Agatha became a winner in the Second All-Russia Competition of Young Artists held by the world-famous Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. It is the most recent and very treasured addition to her collection of awards.






Belaya A.

«White Queen»

Oil on canvas

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