Smirnov Vyacheslav


Vyacheslav is a young, original, talented artist and sculptor from Veliky Novgorod. His main exhibition projects are yet to come. You can see his works in galleries of Novgorod; in St. Petersburg you can see his works in Sculpture Gallery of Sophia Kasim.

Vyacheslav was born in 1980 in Novgorod. In 1999 he entered Rakhmaninov State Art School in Novgorod and was trained in teaching art and a wood engraving worker. From 2001 to 2004 he studied and worked in a workshop of art designer A. Mokrinsky. Vyacheslav makes small-scale sculpture. He works in technique of welding and hammering. He works with such material as metal, stone, wood.

2009 Sculpture Gallery, St. Petersburg
2009 «Novgorod Land Exhibition». Exhibition Hall of the State Duma of Russia, Moscow
2006 2008 – the Artists’ Union, Novgorod
2007 «Fresh Russian Artists» to 250-year anniversary of Russian Academy of Art
2007 «Garden Sculpture», Regional Museum of Modern Art, Novgorod.
2008 «Russian North », Exhibition Hall of Regional Museum of Modern Art, Novgorod





Smirnov V.

«From the Varangians to the Greeks»

Metal, stone, 2008

Smirnov V.


Metal, stone, 2008

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