Lavrova Ksenia


She was born in 1967.
In 1990 she finished the V.I. MukhinaHigher School of Art and Industry, Furniture and decorative textile faculty.
She became interested in graphics and illustrations when she was a student: her graduating work was "Decamerone" and it was made after the book of the same name by Giovanni Boccaccio. After that she worked mostly in the style of graphics.
Since then she has illustrated a textbook "St Petersburg in Russian Literature” (“Obrazovanie" publishing house) and “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll (“Spetsialnaya literature” publishing house).
While working with cloth designers she worked in technique of cold batik.  
In 2008 she tried to work in style of ornamental painting of walls and architectonic objects.
She is a member of Artists' Union since 1994.
«Japanese Spring in St Petersburg», St Petersburg Artists' Union. 2007
«A Captive bird», «Arka» gallery. 2008
«An Easter Kaleidoscope», «Arka» gallery. 2008-2009
Since 2008. – regularly takes part in «Russian Art Week» exhibitions
«Spring-2009», St Petersburg Artists' Union
«Grim Reaper in Art», Mikhail Shemyakin's Foundation. 2010






Lavrova K.

«Hookah smoker»

Lavrova K.

«Great hunt II»

Lavrova K.

«Great hunt I»

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