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Honoured artist of Russia. . N. Rotanov was born in the Ural region in 1940. In 1959-1965 he studied in Leningrad Higher College of Art and Industry named after V. I. Mukhina, Sculpture department, he was taught by a very talented teacher and a famous sculptor Valentina Lavrentievna Rybalko, apprentice of A. T. Matveev.
Eugeny is a member of Artists’ Union since 1971, he was a member of the board of Artists’ Union in St. Petersburg in 1980-88, a chairman of creative sector of SCULPTURE, a member of Expert Art Council under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 1993-96, a member of a Committee for City Planning and Architecture. He is honoured artist of Russian Federation. In 1999 he was awarded by a Silver Medal of Art Academy.

Exhibitions (selectively):
since 1965 – participant of Artists’ Union Exhibitions, St. Petersburg.
1983 «Sculpture – 83» Central Artist House, Moscow
1989 «26 Artists from Leningrad and Moscow» exhibition, Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», St. Petersburg
2003 «Plastics of Light», «Naiv» gallery, St. Petersburg
2005 «Wind and Time Poetry», personal exhibition in Urban Sculpture Museum, St. Petersburg.
2006 «Close Up», CEH «Manege», St. Petersburg

Positioned works:

1967-68 Took part in designing a memorial ensemble «Green Belt of Glory», sculpture of monument «Glory Hill» at Ivanovskie porogi.
1987 Memorial plaque for K. S. Petrov-Vodkin. 14, Kamennoostrovsky prospect, St. Petersburg.
1990 Memorial plaque for academics V. I. Vernadsky and V. G. Khlopin.     23, Kamennoostrovsky prospect,     St. Petersburg.
1991 Memorial plaque for A. F. Pakhomov, 14, Kamennoostrovsky prospect, St. Petersburg.
1995 An author of the monument «To Soldiers-Internationalists dead in Afghanistan», Serafimovskoe cemetery, St. Petersburg.
1999 Composition «Raskolnikov’s Hause». 19, Grazhdanskaya st., St. Petersburg.
1999 Sculpture « Motherhood » (granite). Tulskaya st., St. Petersburg.
2000 Figure «New Century» Belinsky st., (corner with Fountanka embankment), St. Petersburg
2003 «Dreamer» (bronze), park «Silver Pool», St. Petersburg.
2005 Park of Government Country Seat in Komarovo in Leningrad region, decorated with garden sculpture. 6 works in marble and granite. Architector L. V. Ikonnikova

He participated in tenders for monuments to F. I. Shalyapin (1st place), . . Akhmatova (3rd place), . F. Berggolts and others.

E. N. Rotanov is a participant of various exhibitions, international symposiums on sculpture. There are his works in State Tretiakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Urban Sculpture Museum and some other museums of Russia.





Rotanov E.



Rotanov E.



Rotanov E.

«Egyptian motive»

Foam concrete

Rotanov E.



Rotanov E.

«Aphrodite torso»


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