Volkov Alexander


He was born in 1964 in Tashkent, but now he lives and works in St. Petersburg. Since 1989 he belongs to Fellowship of Free-lance artists in St.Petersburg.

«Inspite of quite traditional technology, I treat my way of painting as experimental. I investigate relations of internal psychical reality and external «profanic», where I am a subject and an object together (in order not to get to my neighbors' head). As I am a self-taught person, I am clear of some else's knowledge (how to paint) and sometimes I «reinvent the wheel», but this wheel can be used in cross-country…» – says A. Volkov.

In our gallery we mostly have his cityscapes which are very popular. His works dedicated to jazz music are less popular because jazz is music for the chosen ones. His painted jazz sounds! And we recomend the real judges of this music to get acquinted with his jazz painting.

2008 «Verona Viewed by Foreigners»; Villa Franciskatti, Verona
2007 «Polyphony»; «Jam Hall» Gallery, .Volkov & V.Filyev
2007 «Alexandrovsky Vernissage»; Exhibition Hall of Center for Books and Graphics, St. Petersburg
2004 Personal exhibition «Life Environment»; «Gildia Masterov» Gallery
2003 International RT-salon, «Window to Europe. Viewing from Petersburg»; Central House of Artists, Moscow
2003 «Moon Voices»;  «Jam Hall» Gallery
2002 «Nikolay and Raisa Blagodatovy Collection»; «Forum» Gallery
2002 «Bridges Hang Above Neva»; Smolny State Museum
2002 «Unexpected Petersburg»; «ART-City» Gallery
2001 «TWO WEEKS in Mayfair»; Mayfair» Gallery, London
2001 «Volkov&Reznichenko»; «At Obvodny Canal» Gallery, «Neptune» Business Center
2000 «The whole of Peresburg - 99»; «Manege» Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg
2000 «Self-portrait» – R-project Russia – Germany; «Nevsky 20» Gallery
2000 «Avant-garde-2000»; «At Obvodny Canal» Gallery, «Neptune» Business Center
2000 «h 1Y3K»; «Luke & A Gallery», London
2000 «St. Peterburg Effekt»; «Bloxham fine Arts» gallery, London
1999 «Beginning»; «Gildia Masterov» Gallery
1999 «The Last Autumn»; Fedor Dostoevsky House Museum
1999 Personal exhibition «Crossroads»; «Nevsky 20» Gallery
1994 Personal exhibition «Colour and Shape»; «Nevsky 20» Gallery
1993 Personal exhibition «Fill-dike»; Exhibition Hall of Moscow area of St. Petersburg
1992 «Pararealism»; the State Ethnographic Museum

There are his works in private collections in Denmark, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, the USA, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Gong Hong, St. Petersburg.





Volkov A.

«Lions bridge»

Oil on canvas

Volkov A.

«Somewhere on Petrograd side»

Oil on canvas

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