May 05 2015




Land-art in the Botanical Garden! Create unique to the city and region exposure.

For the first time in the history of the Botanical Garden, runs an art symposium "The second life of the tree." The purpose of the project - to creat in the park area decorated with sculptures and land-art objects, using the material of felled trees in the park.
Participants focused on the plastic / sculptural works conceived decisions. While working on the sketches of the authors drew inspiration from a particular landscape park and the collected material - branches, stovolov, twigs, etc.
Land art is born out of love for nature. Works of land-art are not durable, created on the spot, transmit Genies Loci (Genius Loci), can be poetic, mysterious, enigmatic. The images with which artists work almost always directly related to the nature, unconsciously or associative. The works can be "camouflaged" in the environment, they need to "find", to be careful, "observe" nature.
The exhibition will open on May 15.

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